Universal Voltage Charger (For Mia 1/ Mia 2)
For Mia 1 and Mia 2 devices


SMART Profile, Mia 3 & Pedi pLink USB Charger
For SMART Profile Mia 3 & Pedi pLink USB replacement charger


Mia FIT and Alpha FIT Replacement Charger
pLink USB replacement charger with Wall Adapter


Batik Beauty Bag
Limited edition travel-friendly beauty bag with a Batik print


Universal Voltage Charging Cradle (For PLUS and PRO)
For Classic, PLUS and PRO devices


USB AC Power Wall Adapter
For Mia FIT, Alpha FIT, SMART Profile, Mia 3 & Pedi Devices


Opal Applicator Tip 4-Pack
Gentle applicators for firming eye serum


4 pack