Is My New Facial Cleansing Brush Making My Skin Break Out?

Don’t Let Breakouts Be The Reason Why We Break Up

Better skin awaits. We promise. Although breakouts are uncommon, it can still occur for some. Here are a few helpful tips if you experience those annoying pimples.

Hang In There. Stick With Your Skin Cleansing Routine

Transient acne is a potential side effect for the first time sonic facial cleansing brush user. The stimulation of the skin can bring bacteria to the surface forming a zit. You can scale back your routine, but stick with it. Your skin should clear up after about 2 weeks of continual use.

Use More Facial Cleanser & Water With Your Sonic Face Brush

Other times the culprit of breakouts is that people don’t use enough water and cleanser on their cleansing brush head, which can lead to irritation. To avoid this, introduce more water into your skin cleansing routine (Clarisonic is 100% waterproof, so try it in the shower) and use lots of cleanser.

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Go Easy On The Pressure

With proper use, a Clarisonic face brush is gentle enough to be used twice daily. If you push too hard, it limits the bristles’ movements. This prevents your skin from being optimally cleansed. Instead, let the brush float on your skin.

Choose The Right Cleansing Brush Head

Our cleansing brush heads are designed with different skin concerns in mind. Whether your skin is sensitive or tougher than a lumberjacks’ (yes we also have brush heads designed for men’s skin), Clarisonic has just the right brush head for you.

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