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Read Clarisonic reviews of the #1 facial cleansing brush recommended by U.S. Dermatologists
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  • Facial brush reviews cover Clarisonic facial cleansing devices, including Mia 2, Mia FIT, Smart Profile, Mia 1, Mia 3, Alpha FIT and various Clarisonic brush heads.
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Clarisonic Mia 2 Reviews

Average review:
4.6 / 5
Best Face Product I Have Ever Used
Pennstater91, March 2016
"I have been using my Clarisonic Mia 2 for 1 month now. After the first week of using this product, I noticed a huge change in the appearance of my skin. My skin products and makeup even go on better after I have used the Clarisonic. I have always been very serious about my skin care and this is one product I will continue to use every day!." (read full reviews)
Wonderful product
Coastie, January 2014
"I bought the Mia 2 after reading many raving reviews about it. I have large pores, occasional breakouts, and blackheads. I used the Mia 2 and the gel cleanser that came with it and within a few weeks my skin was radiant! I was not getting any breakouts and my blackheads were reduced. I received compliments on how great my skin looked!" (read full reviews)
Noticeable Difference
Old Soul, February 2016
"My expectations were completely met with this device. Everything I hoped it would do it delivered on. My skin has been far less dry this winter too because my moisturizer is working and being absorbed better than ever!" (read full reviews)
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Mia FIT Reviews

Average review:
4.8 / 5
A Must Have For All
Jennifer, Feb 2016
"I love my Mia FIT. My skin is so much cleaner, my products absorb into my skin beautifully, my pores are shrinking. Everyone should have one. I wear heavy makeup and it just removes it so well. I recommend using a foaming cleanser as opposed to creamy, I get better results." (read full reviews)
Love at First Sight!
Anonymous, January 2016
"I fell in love with this product from the moment I saw it! Not only is this the cutest thing ever, but it does wonders for my skin! The combination of the Radiance brush head and cleanser provides a deep clean in the softest and most luxurious way. My skin is always left feeling soft, clean and refreshed!" (read full reviews)
Mia Fit
Steph, March 2016
"After all of the many things I have purchased, tried wasted time and money on. I can say now that I have finally found what it is I was looking for. I found it in Mia Fit! My skin has not felt so well in a long, long time. I am very satisfied with the results of the products and device. My skin looks healthier. Make-up goes on much nicer and my skin is smooth. Already received compliments on how well they see a difference in my skin. If you’re not sure....Buy it!! I promise it was the best thing I could have ever purchased for myself." (read full reviews)
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Alpha FIT Reviews

Average review:
4.4 / 5
Great Product
GMoney, February 2016
"I got this on the recommendation of my daughter who already owns a Mia. The Alpha is easy to use and clean. My skin feels cleaner than ever and I have seen a noticeable improvement in my oily skin problem and clogged pores. Highly recommend this cleaning product." (read full reviews)
Great Gift Idea
Pleased Customer, March 2016
"I received this as a gift for my birthday, and by far the best gift I have received. I am a 24 year old male had little acne and oily skin. My skin feels cleaner than ever! I use it twice a day morning and night and have seen distinct improvements on my oily skin problem and acne. I must point out, I do have a full grown beard and have had not one complain on this product. I highly recommend this product to anyone." (read full reviews)
Cleansing Pores
Robby, December 2015
"I never imagined that I would be using an automated skin cleanser on my face. But I am delighted that I am. It is very easy to use, it makes shaving much easier, and one’s skin tone is much firmer and healthy appearing. Thank You." (read full reviews)
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Mia 1 Reviews

Average review:
4.7 / 5
Love this product
CanonShutterbug, February 2016
"I love this product. I have always had a problem with dry sensitive skin. I was concerned that it might be too hard on my face. But it has helped so much! my skin is much less dry and is so smooth. I highly recommend this to everyone!!!" (read full reviews)
Skin brighter and smoother
Dilly, November 2015
"My 65 year old skin was not horrible, just kind of dull. After using the Clarisonic for only a week or so, I noticed my pores look smaller and the overall appearance of my skin is much more glowing and healthy looking. I love this little thing and will keep using it." (read full reviews)
Utterly Amazing
Club Racer, October 2015
"I love my Mia 1. It cleans my pores better than any other product, and the sample facial cleanser has a great texture and cleans well. My skin is always super soft afterwards, and it removes my excess oil without drying out my skin. The Mia 1 has a long battery life in between charges. It's also very gentle." (read full reviews)
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SMART Profile Reviews

Average review:
4.6 / 5
Best Purchase for My Skin!
ZanyRed, February 2015
"I bought the Smart Profile about a month ago. I absolutely love the versatility of it. It meets my skin needs from head to toe. I had a bit of a learning curve using it with non RFID chip brush heads. It was not a deal breaker. I had to figure out how to get them programmed correctly. The Smart Profile holds a charge for over a month for me. Well worth the cost when you think about all of the areas of the body you can use it. My skin looks fantastic from head to toe!" (read full reviews)
Terrific for face and body!
Anonymous, April 2015
"I love my new Clarisonic Smart Profile! When receiving a professional facial, I noticed the spa staff used a Clarisonic device on my face. I liked the feel and the results, so I decided to investigate purchasing my own Clarisonic device. At first, I hesitated due to the cost but I'm so happy I invested in it. It cleans my face so much more quickly and thoroughly than washing with my hands. My skin feels smoother after only 3 weeks! I also purchased the "body scrub" brush for it. I was sure it was only a gimmick -- however, it scrubbed away all of the dull winter skin and my arms and legs look moist and healthy!" (read full reviews)
Smart Profile – Smartest Device EVER!
Delena, April 2015
"Being the owner of "several" Clarisonic devices and loving them all, Smart Profile knocked it out of the park. Definitely made a difference I could see and feel after the first use. I'm a "faithful" Clarisonic user every morning and every night. There's nothing on the market or at your favorite spa that allows you to take care of your skin cleansing daily.... And my Aesthetician is the one who sold me my first Clarisonic! Try this Smart Profile once and you'll be hooked!" (read full reviews)
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Mia 3 Reviews

Average review:
4.6 / 5
Super60, February 2016
"I absolutely love my Mia3. In the three weeks I've been using it my skin has visibly improved. Large pores on my nose have diminished and my skin feels smoother and softer. So satisfied and glad I moved up to the professional grade after wasting time and money on lesser products." (read full reviews)
I’m in love with this product
Queenie, February 2016
"I've had the Mia 3 for about 2 months and I use it daily. I've noticed that my skin feels so much smoother, it's brighter, and it's clean, really clean. I had issues before with blackheads, mild acne, and dry patches on my face. Since I've started using the Mia 3, all of those issues no longer exist. People compliment my skin all the time now saying how bright and glowing it looks. I was skeptical before purchasing it, but it definitely lives up to the hype." (read full reviews)
Why didn’t I buy this sooner!?
Alexandra, January 2016
"I debated on buying a Clarisonic for a long time! This Christmas I decided to go ahead and get one! I am SO glad I did and I don't know why I waited so long!! I can tell a difference in the texture of my skin and I no longer get clogged pores or breakouts! I will never go without my Mia 3! Thanks for the amazing product!" (read full reviews)
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Opal Reviews

Average review:
4.1 / 5
Infomed2, February 2016
"This is my second opal...I wore the first one out! ....and I swear by this product. It is easy to use and VERY EFFECTIVE at reducing the appearance of fine lines. It is a regular part of my beauty regimen." (read full reviews)
Wonderful for under eye serum!
SharPeiMom, October 2015
"I received my Opal and just could hardly wait to try it out. I use serum under my eyes for darkness and puffiness. I always got too little or too much serum on my finger and this was a waste. Now I get the perfect amount and it completely soaks it into my skin. My under eye bags & color have got exponentially better!! I LOVE MY OPAL!!" (read full reviews)
Great for Younger People Too!
Beautyjunkie, August 2013
"I've been using the Clarisonic skin cleansing brush for years but just recently tried the Opal. WOW. I've never seen a more effective way to infuse serum into the skin. I was wasting so much product (and $$$) wiping the serum off on my fingers. What a great PREVENTATIVE measure to take for the future! No one in their 20's and 30's should be without Opal!" (read full reviews)
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Brush Head Reviews

Radiance Brush Head
Average review: 4.3/5
Great Skin
Shelly, March 2016
"This brush head is gentle but definitely helps improve the look and quality of your skin." (read full Radiance Brush head reviews)
Deep Pore Brush Head
Average review:4.5/5
At Last!
Mellen, April 2016
"The deep pore cleansing brush is a dream come true for me. Throughout my life I have spent a fortune fighting oily skin, and large pores. When I tried the Clarisonic cleansing system, I was happily surprised......but when I tried the deep pore cleansing brush I WAS OVER THE MOON!!! My pores are much smaller, and my skin glows! THANK you Clarisonic!" (read full Deep Pore Brush head reviews)
Sensitive Brush Head
Average review:4.9/5
DDBEK, March 2015
"I love this product! Very easy to use. I like the way my skin now looks and feels." (read full Sensitive Brush head reviews)
Acne Cleansing Brush Head
Average review:4.4/5
Excellent work for my face
Sumera, May 2015
"I really love this brush. It is very smooth and best for Sensitive skin. My skin is sensitive and I cannot use hard brush. I bought Clarisonic Smart with the dynamic Brush but it is hard for my face skin so I decided to buy something for sensitive skin. Even though it says that for acne but best for sensitive skin too. I feel after 2 days my skin was very smooth and clean AND NO RASH. I like smart dynamic also too but I only use 2 times a week." (read full Acne Brush head reviews)
Alpha FIT Men's Daily Cleanse Brush Head
Average review:4.8/5
Great Brush
Wazoski, August 2015
"Brush is very soft, and leaves skin feeling great. Thought it would be rough but it isn't in the least, and I love the feeling of the bristles." (read full Alpha Brush head reviews)
Cashmere Cleanse Brush Head
Average review:4.1/5
Great for Sensitive Skin
PittyPatPeach, April 2016
"I started out using a sensitive brush head with my new Mia 2 but it was simply too much for my sensitive, aging skin. I really liked the idea of getting my skin cleaner so I tried the Cashmere Cleanse brush head. This worked well for me. It is softer and caused no irritation while still getting my skin clean and free of makeup. If you have aging sensitive skin, this is the brush head to try." (read full Cashmere Cleanse Brush head reviews)
SMART Dynamic Brush Head
Average review:4.9/5
Outstanding product
Sunshine, May 2015
"I was so pleased when I had to purchase a new Clarisonic mine was an original. The technology in this smart brush is amazing. You can have a choice of several setting and it times the areas which I love. Can't say enough about this new brush." (read full SMART Brush head reviews)
Delicate Brush Head
Average review:4.9/5
Delicate Brush Head
Cmfarr, April 2015
"I love this brush head. I was using the sensitive brush head, but I quickly found that the sensitive brush head was not "sensitive" enough for my skin. I switched to the delicate brush head and have not looked back. It is soft and gentle enough that it cleans effectively without being too rough or abrasive on my face. I highly recommend this brush head to anyone that has overly sensitive skin or skin that needs a little extra gentle touch." (read full Delicate Brush head reviews)