5 Ways To Treat Your Skin After The Gym

5 Ways To Treat Your Skin After The Gym

There’s no doubt about: Working out is good for your body—and mind. But post-workout, your skin could definitely use a little extra attention. You’re likely sopped in sweat, your face might be red, and your feet could need some pampering after powering you through a challenging fitness routine. Not sure what to do after a workout when it comes to your skin? Here are five skin treatments you can use after a gym session to pamper your skin.

1. Give Your Body a Good Scrub in the Shower

Your first action after working out is likely hopping in the shower—but this time around, really take the time to cleanse thoroughly from head to toe. Scrubbing your body can help get rid of all the oil and sweat that built up on the surface of your skin while exercising. If you tend to get body breakouts, reach for a body wash that’s formulated with an acne-fighting ingredient, such as salicylic acid. You can also pop a Smart Turbo Massage Body Brush Head onto a Mia Smart to help get baby-soft skin on elbows, knees, and other dry patches. The brush head is designed for the ideal body exfoliation and massage. Just make sure to keep the shower dial turned to lukewarm, as this will be more refreshing post-workout than a hot shower, and it won’t strip your skin of necessary replenishing oils.

2. Spritz on a Cooling Facial Mist

After a cardio class, your face probably feels hot. One of the easiest ways to cool down is by using a facial mist. Facial mists are gym bag-friendly, so you can easily throw one in your tote to use as a post-workout skin treatment. Look for a facial mist that is formulated with cooling ingredients, such as aloe vera and cucumber. Spritz all over your face, then immediately apply an oil-free moisturizer to help lock in hydration.

3. Calm Down Redness with a Soothing Face Mask

Skin looking a little red after your indoor cycling class? Treat yourself to a soothing face mask formulated with an ingredient like chamomile, evening primrose oil, or oatmeal. Quickly cleanse your skin first with a Clarisonic facial cleansing brush, dry your skin, then apply your chosen face mask. Leave it on for the amount of time directed, then rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water. After rinsing, apply a moisturizer and take a peek at your beautifully soothed skin!

4. Slather Your Feet in Lotion

Your feet often bear the brunt of a workout, so you might find them looking a little worse for wear after you’re done at the gym. So, grab a thick, rich foot cream and massage it into your feet, paying attention to any areas that might be sore, like the balls of your feet or heels.

5. Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Soak

Nothing says spa-like relaxation quite like a soothing bath. After the gym, draw a warm bath and infuse the water with a few drops of a relaxing essential oil, some Epsom salts, and some coconut oil. Hop in and let your skin—and those sore muscles—soak in all the goodness.

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