My Clarisonic Journey – Better Skin in 30 Days

My Clarisonic Journey – Better Skin in 30 Days


Anyone who’s ever been on a quest to achieve a perfectly poreless complexion knows that reaching your skincare goals is a journey. However, scrolling through Instagram looking at post after post of clear skin can make you feel like you’re on the journey alone. Rarely, if ever, do we get the chance to take a look behind the scenes to see just what it take to maintain the skin you deserve. Which is why we partnered with Her Campus and challenged 20 people to take the My Clarisonic Journey.

To put the My Clarisonic Journey to the test, we gifted 20 eager men and women around the country with Clarisonic Mia Smart devices and challenged them to cleanse their faces twice a day, every day for 30 days. The best part is, they don’t have to change anything about their current skincare routine but continue to use the cleansers they love, just with the Mia Smart device.

Before the journey started, all 20 men and women were excited to see how the Clarisonic Mia Smart could help them tackle a wide range of skin concerns from uneven skin texture to hyperpigmentation. To track their progress, individuals submitted an unretouched, filter and makeup-free photo of themselves each week of the month-long challenge and documented whether the Mia Smart device helped them reach their skin care goals.

After 30 days, the Clarisonic Mia Smart device completely changed the skin of those on the journey. Don’t believe us? We’re highlighting three incredible My Clarisonic Journeys below.

Tiffany V.

Before Tiffany began on her My Clarisonic Journey, she dealt with dry acne prone skin, skin sensitivity, and hyperpigmentation. Like many people her age, Tiffany considered skincare to be important to her but hadn’t really found a routine that left her with the clear and even skin tone she hoped for.

“I’m extremely excited to start using the Clarisonic,” she said before using the Clarisonic Mia Smart for the first time. “I have heard so many good reviews from people that I know. My skin would really benefit from a new skincare routine. I hope to get clearer skin and better skincare habits out of this project. I recently have had more acne than usual and dry skin. I have been trying out different products but haven’t found one that works for me. Hopefully, the Clarisonic can help with that!”

Despite not changing anything about her skincare routine except for cleansing with Clarisonic’s Mia Smart twice a day, Tiffany saw results in just two weeks! As you can see in her before and after pictures, the blemishes on the right side of her face cleared drastically, and her skin looks brighter and more even.

“I love the product,” she declared at her two-week check-in. “It takes off all my makeup.”

By the third week of the challenge, Tiffany was hooked. After just three weeks of using the Clarisonic Mia Device, she couldn’t imagine her skincare routine without it.

My skin quality has been improving. I still have minor breakouts, but the Clarisonic has been helping me clean my skin before adding any products. It has easily become one of my daily essentials during my skincare routine.”

As the weeks progressed and Tiffany reached the end of the 30-day challenge, her skin continued to improve, and by the end of her journey, she was rewarded with clearer, brighter, smoother skin.

“I still have active acne, but I definitely feel the improvement of my skin, especially the texture from using the Clarisonic,” she explained. “With continuing my daily use, I will see even more progress.”

Jared K.

If you rely on countless blotting papers to get your oily T-zone through the day, you can probably relate to Jared.

“My skin tends to be free from blemishes, but its oiliness and dryness are in constant flux. I'm hoping that with the Clarisonic Mia Smart I can minimize oil buildup (and consequent blackheads) around my nose and maximize moisturization around all the edges where the climate in which I live tends to drastically dry me out,” Jared said. “The device customization options and the daily reminder system all built into the Clarisonic app should help me stay consistent with my routine and give my face the dedicated attention it deserves!”

“I’m ready to give my skin the best solutions available in order to best equip myself to start each day with confidence in my appearance,” he said.

After just a few days, Jared loved the new addition to his new skincare routine.

“Since I began using the device, the edges of my face feel less dry, and I feel like my skin shows more consistent appearance even after oil has begun to accumulate through the course of the day,” he said. “More than anything I'm happy to have a skincare routine that is impeccably consistent. Because the device gives prompts to tell me when to move from forehead to nose to cheeks, I know that each time I wash my face I'm giving equal and consistent treatment.”

In just three weeks, the consistency started to pay off and Jared was rewarded with balanced, healthy skin.

“Another week of use has amplified the results of the week prior—my skin feels balanced, and the consistency of the care that I'm giving my face makes me feel great as I start and end each day!”

After just 30 days, Jared’s skin was clearer, brighter, significantly less oily, and without any dry skin patches in sight!

“My Clarisonic device has become an integral part of my care routine—just as necessary to my morning as brushing my teeth! I love the consistency it's provided me in addressing the concerns specific to my skin and the ease with which I've been able to use the device to address these needs,” Jared said. “The skin across my forehead is noticeably softer than it was when I began to use the device, which is perfectly in line with the goal I set at the start of this campaign to minimize dryness!”

Nicole R.

As a self-described avid skincare lover, Nicole Rosario couldn’t wait to start her My Clarisonic Journey with the hopes of tackling her oily, textured skin and hyperpigmentation.

“I’m excited to use my Clarisonic device to help me out with my uneven skin tone. I’m looking forward to the results,” Nicole said before using the Clarisonic Mia Smart for the first time.

Nicole didn’t have to wait long to see the results she coveted. After just two weeks, she saw much smoother skin texture.

“The device was really easy to use, and made my skin feel really soft. I also did notice my skin looks brighter with a healthy glow,” she said.

After three weeks of consistent use, Nicole began to see results she didn’t even know were possible.

“My skin feels so smooth and brighter also, I notice how my acne scars are less visible,” she said. “The number of blackheads has also diminished.”

As her My Clarisonic Journey came to an end, Nicole credited the Mia Smart device for changing her skin completely and vowed to never go without her Clarisonic ever again.

“My acne scars are barely visible, and I can’t go back without my Clarisonic,” she said. “My skin feels baby soft, and my makeup applies so much better!”

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your skincare routine or tackle some of your biggest skin concerns, the My Clarisonic Journey is the perfect way to introduce a Clarisonic device into your skincare routine. You’re only 30 days away from the flawless skin of your dreams!

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