Lip Care 101: How to Get Soft Lips With Exfoliation

Lip Care 101: How to Get Soft Lips With Exfoliation


Even if you follow the rest of your skincare routine diligently, there’s a good chance you are neglecting to care for your lips. Thankfully, our lips require three simple steps to stay soft and supple. Find out how to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your lips the right way to get rid of dry skin and make way for a soft, kissable pout.

Step 1: Cleanse Your Lips Properly

Before layering on your favorite lip colors, reach for the Clarisonic Lip Cleansing Kit. This complete lip kit has everything you need to prepare your lips for liquid lipstick—and remove it after.

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Switch out the brush head on your Clarisonic facial cleansing brush for the Cleansing Kit’s Radiance brush head. Wet your lips and use a small amount of the included Refreshing Gel Cleanser to gently wash over and around your mouth to get rid of any extra impurities as to prevent buildup before applying your makeup. The Radiance brush head is made up of extra-fine bristles to gently yet efficiently removes surface-level dullness and leaves for a soft, supple pout.

It’s no secret that thoroughly removing your makeup at the end of the day is key to maintaining clear skin - this goes for your lips, as well. When you’re ready to remove your lipstick, the Cleansing Kit has you covered. To efficiently remove your lipstick, simply wet the Clarisonic Radiance Brush Head, add a small amount of the Refreshing Gel Cleanser and gently swipe the device over your lips in a circular motion until the lipstick is completely removed.

Step 2: Exfoliate Your Lips Weekly

When caring for your lips, exfoliation is a necessary step to remove any buildup of dead skin cells that can result in dry, chapped-looking lips. Caused by dehydration, cold weather, and harsh rubbing when removing lipsticks, chapped lips can look and feel uncomfortable. Lip exfoliators help to buff away the dry, dead skin cells that make up chapped lips and help you get softer lips.

Look for scrubs formulated with a mix of hydrating and exfoliating ingredients, like a sugar scrub with coconut oil, and gently massage the mixture onto your pout in circular motions before wiping away with a damp cloth.

Note: It’s important to only exfoliate your lips 1 – 2 times a week as the skin on your lips is fragile and over-exfoliating can dry the lips out and lead to what you’re trying to avoid: chapped lips.

Step 3: Always Keep a Lip Balm on Hand

One of the best ways to ensure your lips stay soft, smooth, and supple is to use a lip balm. Just as you reach for a lotion or cream to hydrate the skin on the rest of your face and body, you should reach for a lip balm to moisturize your lips. After exfoliation and cleansing—or any time your pout feels parched—layer on a hydrating lip balm to help prevent dryness.

Now that you’ve successfully exfoliated and gotten soft lips, you can opt to go au natural or layer on that gorgeous shade of NYX Epic Ink Lip Dye that’s included in the Cleansing Kit.

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