Need to Hide a Tattoo? A Step-by-Step Guide to Camouflage Your Ink

Need to Hide a Tattoo? A Step-by-Step Guide to Camouflage Your Ink

While you may love showing off your tattoo most of the time, there are certain situations that call for concealing. For example, if you have a job interview and you’re not sure about how laidback the office culture is, tattoo cover up could be a good idea. Find out how to hide a tattoo flawlessly so no one knows you have any ink as well as how to take off your makeup at the end of the day so you can show off your tattoo once more.

Step 1: Prime Your Tattoo

The first step in your tattoo cover up routine should be applying a thin layer of primer. Primer has a few benefits including smoothing things out for seamless makeup application and helping your makeup last longer. If you have a colorful tattoo, look for a color correcting primer to neutralize tones (like green concealer to neutralize red tones) and make it easier to hide with concealer.

Step 2: Lay Your Base with Foundation

Once you have your concealer in hand, it’s time to hide your tattoo. Set the concealer aside for a second though and apply a small amount of a lightweight tinted moisturizer or foundation first to lay an even base. Starting with a tinted moisturizer or foundation will allow you to use less heavy concealer. Use a Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Makeup Brush to seamlessly blend in your foundation.

Step 3: Apply Concealer

When it comes to hiding a tattoo, it’s all about picking the right concealer. You’ll want to use a concealer that is full coverage and long-lasting. That way, you won’t have to worry about your tattoo showing through your makeup or having to make frequent touchups throughout the day. A powder concealer will work for covering up smaller tattoos, while an opaque cream concealer is a better option for disguising larger tattoos. Apply the concealer over your tattoo, using your Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Makeup Brush until it’s completely blended in. Add more concealer until your tattoo is fully covered.

Step 4: Set Your Concealer

Ensure your concealer doesn’t move by dusting on a light coating of a loose translucent setting powder with a fluffy makeup brush. Dip the brush into the powder and tap off any excess before applying it over your concealer. You can also spritz on a makeup setting spray to lock your concealer in place.

Step 5: Take It All Off at the End of the Day

Once you’ve returned home, remove your tattoo cover up and let your beautiful ink see the light of day again. Double cleanse, starting with an oil-based cleanser. Then, get a deeper clean and remove any remaining concealer. If you have a Smart Profile device, use a Smart Turbo Massage Body Brush Head and gel cleanser to thoroughly cleanse the area and get rid of any tattoo cover up that’s still there. Finish by applying a hydrating body lotion over your tattoo. Nice to see you again, ink!

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