From Matte to Liquid, How to Remove Long Wear Lipstick

From Matte to Liquid, How to Remove Long Wear Lipstick

Everyone loves a long wear lipstick…until it’s time to take it off. Fact is, these trending long wear shades can often leave you wondering if you even know how to remove lipstick—since the usual steps often aren’t enough to do the job.

If you’ve resorted to harsh scrubbing to remove long wear lipsticks, chances are your lips are looking—and feeling—a little worse for wear. Thankfully, there’s an easier way to remove liquid lipsticks without drying out or damaging your pout.


Even though a makeup remover isn’t enough to completely remove some long wear lipsticks, it is still the best first step. Reach for an oil-based eye and lip makeup remover, apply to a cotton round and gently sweep it over your lips. This step will help to remove a good portion of the lipstick before moving on.


While that makeup remover would have been enough to remove a traditional lipstick, you’re dealing with a long wear hue, so the next step is key. When you want to gently and effectively cleanse your skin, better than with hands alone, reach for a Clarisonic facial cleansing brush.

In order to help you remove long wear lipsticks without drying out or damaging your lips, Clarisonic has the Clarisonic Lip Cleansing Kit. This three-piece kit has everything you need to remove—and wear—long wear, liquid lipstick.

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To use, place the Radiance brush head on your Clarisonic facial cleansing brush and use some of the included Refreshing Gel Cleanser. Buff your lips gently until the color rinses away.

This step also helps to prep your lips for the included liquid lipstick by removing dry, dead skin cells and leaving your lips soft and ready for that long wear color.


After removing your long wear lipstick and buffing away any dead skin from your pout, restore moisture by layering on a hydrating lip balm. This step is essential when caring for your lips and will help to keep them soft and supple until the next time you reach for that matte shade.


It may seem easier to reach for a paper towel or an abrasive scrub to rub away the lip stain, but doing this will cause more harm than good. You may be able to remove the long wear lipstick, but you’ll also risk damaging your delicate lips.

Using harsh tactics when trying to remove lipsticks can leave your pout dried out and chapped or worse, cracked and bleeding. No matter how you chose to remove your liquid and matte lipsticks remember to be gentle in order to keep your lips in kissable condition in the long run.

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"Love how it made my lips feel. It removed all the dead skin, then I used the lip stick that came with it. It went on smooth and the cleanser removes it without going over it again. I highly recommend this to add to your brush head collection."

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