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Face Brush Support

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Mia Smart Connected Beauty Device

Mia Prima Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Mia 2 Facial Cleansing Brush

Mia 1 Facial Cleansing Brush

Our smallest one speed wonder, Clarisonic Mia 1 is the perfect start to sonic cleansing. Includes Universal Voltage USB Charger (wall adapter sold separately).


1 Speed (Universal)

Clarisonic Mia 1® features Speed 2 (Universal), suitable for all skin types. Cleansing six times better than hands alone, the Universal speed is developed for normal daily use.

Interchangeable Facial Brush Heads

Choose from a variety of interchangeable facial brush heads for your Clarisonic Mia 1, each uniquely designed and engineered for specific skin types or conditions. Visit our Brush Head Comparison Chart for more information.

1 Year Warranty

Clarisonic Mia 1 comes with a warranty covering any manufacturer defect-related problems resulting from everyday use of the product.


Rechargeable  •  Waterproof 





Radiance Brush Head

Universal Voltage USB Charger



Mia Fit Facial Cleansing Brush

Introducing beautiful skin in the palm of your hand. The new Mia FIT from Clarisonic has two speed settings, Delicate and PowerCleanse to remove impurities, sunscreen and make up 6x better than hands alone. The new compact, lightweight design fits in your handbag, gym bag or travel bag for radiant, smooth skin on the go.




Mia FIT:

After 5 years of research and engineering, Clarisonic introduces the new Mia FIT with a compact design and two new ultra gentle speed settings.


  • 2 Speed Settings (Delicate and Power Cleanse)
  • Preprogrammed 1 minute pulsing T-TIMER
  • Waterproof and Free-Standing Design
  • Rechargeable with USB Enabled Charging Cradle 
  • 2 Year Warranty
Radiance Brush Head:

Included with your Mia FIT device, this plush brush head effectively cleanses skin with Velvety-soft bristles. Gentle enough to use twice daily.


Skin Illuminating Cleanser:

Included with your Mia FIT device, this high foaming cleansing milk removes impurities, enhances radiance, and improves the appearance of dull skin with Licorice Root, Peppermint Leaf, and Gingko Biloba extracts.


  • This cleanser with Licorice Root extract, Peppermint Leaf extract, and Ginkgo Bilaba extract helps to make your complexion look more radiant.



Rechargeable  •  Waterproof  




Radiance Brush Head

Sample size Skin Illuminating Cleanser 30 ml

USB Power Plug Wall Adapter

Alpha Fit Men's Face Brush

A closer shave. A cleaner beard. Smooth, healthy-looking skin.


Men’s skin is different. Alpha Fit by Clarisonic is engineered to get men’s skin cleaner and healthier looking - clearing away dirt, sweat and oil.  Alpha Fit cleanses 6x better than hands alone while prepping face and neck for a closer, smoother shave.


The cleansing device engineered for men’s skin

Alpha Fit by Clarisonic is designed specifically to clean men’s thicker, oilier skin. Our patented sonic cleansing technology oscillates at a frequency that produces over 300 movements per second. The flexing action works to loosen dirt and oil, removing impurities from pores and prepping skin for a closer, smoother shave.


Alpha Fit Men's Daily Cleanse Brush Head:

Designed with shorter bristles for men’s resilient skin. This invigorating brush head cleanses away sweat, dirt and oil for smooth skin and a clean shave.


Alpha Cleanse:

Our new men’s cleanser, Alpha Cleanse by Clarisonic, helps clean, energize and exfoliate men’s skin. This sulfate-free, foaming gel cleanser is formulated with a combination of fruit acids, caffeine, ginseng, and aloe for smoother, softer skin. 



Rechargeable battery with LED battery life indicator.  USB enabled charging cradle.



2 Year Warranty

Clarisonic Alpha Fit comes with a warranty covering any manufacturer defect-related problems resulting from everyday use of the product.



Rechargeable  •  Waterproof



Alpha Fit Men's Cleansing system comes with:

USB Power Plug Wall Adapter

Men's Daily Cleanse Brush Head

1 oz. Alpha Cleanse Men's Facial Cleanser


Smart Profile Uplift

One day you see it: A frown line, worry line, laugh line—neck wrinkles and sagging skin.

Too late? Not if you have a new method.
SMART Profile Uplift visibly improves 15 signs of aging* on face, neck, and décolleté.


  • Reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines after just 1 week.
  • Minimizes the look of pores.
  • Gently cleanses away makeup and sunscreen better than hands alone.


  • 27,000 micro-firming massages per use.
  • Pleasurable ‘spa-like’ massage experience.
  • Smooths the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Boosts the absorption of your daily skincare products.
  • Skin feels firmer, face and neck appears lifted. Based on 12 weeks use.


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SMART Profile Device

  • 4 speeds + body + turbo mode.
  • Replace your brush head indicator light.
  • 2-year product warranty.

Revitalizing Cleanse Brush Head

  • Ultra soft for use on all skin types. Suitable for use on even sensitive skin.
  • SMART activated to auto-adjust for deep and gentle cleansing on face and neck.
  • Replacement indicator illuminates after 3 months of twice-daily use.

Firming Massage Head

  • Shaped to glide easily over face, neck and décolleté contours.
  • Works with your daily skincare regimen.
  • Replacement indicator illuminates after 6 months of twice-daily use.
  • For use on all skin types.

Turbo Massage Body Brush Head

  • SMART Profile activated to auto-adjust for deep, gentle cleansing.
  • Brush head replacement notification.
  • For body use only.

Devices Comes With

Firming Massage Head
Revitalizing Cleanse Brush
Smart Turbo Body Massage Head
USB Power Adapter
Refreshing Gel Cleanser, 1 oz

Mia Smart Connected Beauty Device

Mia Prima Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush