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Explore our customer reviews to find the best Clarisonic facial cleansing brush or skincare product for your routine, whether you are interested in cleansing, anti-aging, or makeup application.


Reviewer: jdallas

I am a 54 year old male and I strongly suggest any guy of any age get this product. It is an amazing machine that transforms your skin into glowing soft and smooth skin. It turns my body and facial skin into the texture and feel of a 24 year old guy.

A new best friend!

Reviewer: Tilly

I was completely distraught when my 14-year-old original 'big' Clarisonic died and had no confidence that anything could take her place. Holy Cow! I LOVE the Smart Profile for cleansing, message, and makeup application! A-Mazing! My 63 year old skin is dancing a new tune! Had doubts about the high price, but totally worth it.

Fantastic Results

Reviewer: LeslieMKE

My SMART Profile Uplift is amazing. My skin was super soft after the first use. Also, moisturizer absorbs into my skin more quickly/effectively, and after just over two weeks of use, I've noticed an improvement in my skin's appearance and firmness...and in my profile.

My skin feels like silk!

Reviewer: Pmdbio

My sister gave me this as a gift. I had wondered why she never wears foundation, and her skin glows radiantly, at 49 years old. Her and my Mia 2 Facial Cleanser get the credit they deserve. This product gently removes makeup, exfoliates dead skin, and deeply cleans out pores(which are getting smaller). I'm 59 years old, with skin that hasn't looked this good, since I was very young. My facial skin feels like silk. You are never too old, to look and feel your best.


Reviewer: A. Carter

If you are reading this, go buy the Mia 2 right now! You will not regret it. You will see a difference in your skin right away. It will reduce the size of your pores and leave your skin feeling beyond refreshed. It has also helped me control oil on my skin. Plus, Clarisonic has amazing customer service if you need help with anything!

Glad to finally pull the trigger!

Reviewer: Megan Crews

I have been debating for over a year about whether or not to get a Clarisonic, and I am so thankful I bit the bullet to do so! I am currently deployed and have been using my Mia 2 for just over a month. My skin has a lot of texture, blackheads, and excessive oil, so I was really interested to see if this product would help. Needless to say, my texture has improved significantly, poors appear smaller, and the amount of oil on my skin is at an all time minimum. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.


Reviewer: Mae4

I have been using my Mia 1 for about 2 years and I have had very persistent acne. Using the Clarisonic I find my face feeling deep cleansed but with a gentle feel. It has helped brighten my skin and it has improved my acne.

Have not broken out since

Reviewer: Smjs

Using my Mia 1! I've been more thorough with my skincare but using my Mia has changed my skin. My skin has become so smooth and no more breakouts! I'll get minor zits here and there but nothing major like before! Also really good for double cleansing so makeup isnt clogged in my pores! Definitely recommend this.

can't be without my Clarsonic

Reviewer: The Debs

I am over 60 and have been using the Clarsoinc for several years. It has truly transformed my skin to bring out a natural and radiant glow, it removes every single trace of make up and removes all the grit and grime of the day. It works great to take off the stubborn sunscreen, too. My skin is evened out, the texture is soft and my friends all notice! I take it with me traveling - I really just can't have a day without using it.

Love this!

Reviewer: Mieka

I was skeptical for some time about this machine. But I notice that my regular cleansers and the texture of my skin started changing so I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did! I received a free sample of the radiance and deep pore cleansers so I bougt both brush heads to go along with it. I instantly noticed the texture of my skin improved. I use the radiance in the morning and the deep pore cleanser at night. I have always been good about cleaning my skin but I feel like this machine does an even better job. Definately happy with it!

Love, love, love it!

Reviewer: VPatel

I have several of the Clarisonic units. The mia fit is my favourite. It's so compact and fits well in the palm of my hand. Very easy and comfortable to use and very effective cleansing. Leaves my skin radiant and soft, all ready for skincare.

Best skincare product ever

Reviewer: anonymous

This thing has changed my life. Cannot say enough about how great my skin looks. What a difference!!! I am older and it has freshened up my skin soooo much!!

Great for Men

Reviewer: Harv

I love, love, love, this new Clarisonic for men. It's small and fits in the palm of your hand, and is the perfect size for travel. It does a fantastic job at cleansing your skin & since it's a Clarisonic i'am sure it will last for years to come. As i had a cheaper brand, but that gave out after a year, due to not being able to hold a charge for more than 1 minute. So the moral of this story, you get what you pay for lol.

GREAT product for Men

Reviewer: RNW – ATL

I replaced my Mia with the Alpha Fit and it is a huge improvement in design and function for men. Much easier to handle than the Mia, and I like the beard setting. Also like that the brush head is specifically designed for men's skin. I can tell after a few weeks my skin is cleaner and smoother.


Reviewer: Succeed_ing

This product is simply amazing, after the 1st day of use my skin instantly felt cleaner and softer. I did experience a "purge", but the Clarisonic was just brining existing acne to the surface. After 2 weeks of use almost all of my acne was gone, or in the process of disappearing. My old acne scars are beginning to fade, and I rarely experience break outs. If some pimples are beginning to emerge, I use it before I go to bed, I wake up and they are gone. I use the 1st setting in the morning to give myself a fresh clean to start off the day. And I use the 2nd setting at night to wash away all the dirt, grime, and sweat that has built up along the course of the day. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who is searching for a cure to their acne, whether it be strong or mild, the Clarisonic will help.

Foundation Brush

Reviewer: Navymom

I love this brush. Makeup goes on so smooth and seamlessly. Looks like air brushed makeup. Couldn’t be happier.

Pure Awesomeness!

Reviewer: Makiske

I love makeup and makeup brushes, I have several of Sigma sets and to me they are incomparable. However, I also love my Clarisonic Mia Fit and I always wanted to give this brush a try. I'm glad I finally did! The way it applies and blends foundation + concealer is seamless and so evenly that I feel like I was airbrushed!

It's smooth, it's practical and the results are awesome. I highly recommend it.

Blending miracle

Reviewer: Uglybuster

I use this brush most effectively by blending all my makeup at the end of application and everything looks smooth flawless and Blended it's beautiful.

One you will purchase again & again!

Reviewer: Grammyof13

I have purchased the Smart Dynamic Brush Head 3 times! I love it and the way it cleans my skin. It is very soft and yet does a thorough job in cleaning my skin and making my skin very so soft and velvety when I am done. I am so glad I purchased the Clarisonic and love how clean it gets my skin. I highly recommend the Smart Dynamic brush head. Try it and I'm sure you will be as pleased as I was.

Best Brush Head

Reviewer: pinky01

The cashmere brush head is extremely soft and luxurious. It feels great against my skin. Great for mature or sensitive skin types. I highly recommend!!

Amazing for acne.

Reviewer: Carbon111

My acne is getting better with each use. This was a last resort for me. Dermatologists and medications...we are tired of things not working now for two years!. As soon as we purchased our Smart Profile and the acne brush head...We saw clarity. We saw healing. We see CLEAR SKIN!!!!! Even Backacne is clearing...You need this Fantastic brush and head. You really will see results. This clean is amazing! We used African Black Soap for the back and face. True results. Amazing Brush!