The Best At-Home Facial: A Beauty Blogger’s Secret to Glowing skin for back to school

Influencer Megan Little is basically super woman. She’s a talented fashion and beauty blogger at who’s set out to prove you can have fun with fashion and maintain a glowing complexion while chasing after a little one. With back to school around the corner – cue parents jumping for joy – we’ve asked Megan to share how she rejuvenates her skin with her Clarisonic cleansing brush after a busy summer and maintains her glow throughout the year. Let’s dig in.

The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Facial Mask Routine:

“At the end of summer I feel like my skin needs a reboot, so it’s the perfect time to do an at-home facial and start the new fall season with fresh skin.

        1. I begin by using my Clarisonic face brush with a gentle face wash. I wash my face twice (aka double cleansing) to create a very clean surface.

        2. Next, I apply my L’Oreal Pure Clay Charcoal Mask all over my face and let it dry for about 20 minutes. I rinse my face with warm water and use my face brush to gently cleanse away the facial mask.

        3. Next, I pat my face dry and apply a retinol serum followed by the L’Oreal Age Perfect facial oil, which I dab all over my face.

        4. Finally, I use Clarisonic’s new anti-aging skin-firming device, Smart Profile Uplift, to massage my entire face and really help the oil absorb into the skin.

Immediately afterwards my face is brighter and more evenly toned. When I wake in the morning, my face feels soft and hydrated. I try to do this DIY facial mask routine at least once a month during the school year to avoid buildup on my skin and keep my skin from looking dull.”

 So as you see your little ones onto the bus this year, take some time to pamper your skin with this quick and easy at-home facial. You and your skin deserve it!  You can find more great beauty, wellness and fashion tips from Megan by following her on Instagram @meganmlittle